An Anthology of Fourth-Year Writing

What is 4?

4 is an anthology of fourth-year creative writing sponsored by the UVA Bookstore, the Creative Writing Program, and the Department of English. This is a chance for UVA undergraduates to showcase some of their UVA creative writing efforts in print.

Who is eligible?

4 is only open to submissions from students who meet these three criteria:

  1. you are a UVA undergraduate student
  2. who expects to graduate in May 2018 (or graduated in December 2017)
  3. and who has taken a 3000- to 5000-level ENCW creative writing course at UVA

You must satisfy all three of these criteria to submit to 4.

What is eligible?

  • One poem submission, not to exceed two single-spaced pages in a standard 12-pt font like Times New Roman, or
  • One prose submission (fiction or creative nonfiction) not to exceed twelve double-spaced pages in a standard 12-pt font like Times New Roman.

The Fine Print: Only one submission per student: pick your best work for 4, regardless of genre. Submissions must have been workshopped in UVA creative writing classes at the 3000-level or above. Submissions may be under consideration by other journals and previously-published work is eligible. If another journal/book accepts your work before 4 is in print, the submission remains eligible for inclusion in 4. While we plan to accept nearly all submissions, 4 reserves the right to reject unsatisfactory work. We're also on a very tight typesetting schedule, which means that work that requires extended or unusual typesetting may need to be rejected. The 4 editors reserve the right to edit your work to make the anthology consistent in its style and appearance. After your work appears in 4, all rights revert to you, and you are free to publish the work in other journals or websites with or without attribution.

When and How

All submissions must be made online by 5 pm on March 16, 2018.

Please save your file in an MS Word .doc, .docx, or .rtf format. Do not submit PDF files. Please name the file as your lastname-firstname.extension: Smith-Jane.doc.

It will help us typeset your work more quickly if you ...

  • put your name on the first line of your submission (exactly as you want it to appear in the book)
  • put the title of your poem/story/essay on the second line (no quotation marks)
  • and avoid using epigraphs, if possible

Then skip a line and start your story/poem/essay. We discourage excessive white space, strange fonts, and other quirky formatting issues that make typesetting a challenge. We have a very limited amount of time in which to set your work, so please help us by sending work that does not require intricate formatting. When you are ready, click the link below to enter your contact information and go to our submission page.

4 will appear in print and be distributed (fingers crossed) at the end-of-year reading held late April at the UVA Bookstore.

Need help with your upload? Email our editor.