What we promote and how

Promotional Efforts

Q: What Does UVA Creative Writing Promote?

A: The UVA Creative Writing program promotes the accomplishments and local events of its alumni, current students, and creative writing faculty. We also organize and sponsor events of our own, bringing renowned writers, editors, and teachers to Charlottesville and UVA.

Q: Something great just happened to me or a creative writing alum who is my friend. Will you spread the word?

A:  In most cases, we’d love to. In an era when publishers have fewer and fewer promotional resources, we think creative writing programs need to help out. However, in almost all cases, we only promote accomplishments (book contracts and publication, short story/poem/essay publications, awards, etc.) on our social media accounts and website if

  • you are current or former Master of Fine Arts (MFA), Area Program in Poetry writing (APPW), or Area Program in Literary Prose (APLP) student, or
  • you are an undergrad alum who took a significant number of intermediate and advanced creative writing courses from our creative writing faculty, or
  • you are a current or former creative writing faculty member.

Q: How do I request promotion?

A: For awards, publications, fellowships, etc., please contact us using the form here.

Q: Will you promote my reading/literary event?

A: In general, we only promote creative writing events if they take place in the Charlottesville area, AND

  • the UVA Creative Writing Program is a direct sponsor (we are helping to fund the event), or
  • many of the event’s participants are current or former MFA, APPW, or APLP students or are creative writing faculty members.

Our standard event promotion involves,

  • Posting the event on our CW Calendar
  • Creating a Facebook event listing on our page at or sharing an existing event listing to that page.
  • Making our current MFAs and undergraduates aware of the event through internal emails.
  • Forwarding the event’s date, time, place, and other brief information along to our uva-cw-local email list, which is a group of local residents who have expressed an interest in UVA Creative Writing Program events. 

When we are the primary sponsor and organizer of an event (Like our Rea Writers series or the Kapnick Foundation Distinguished Writer-in-Residence Program) we post the event to UVA’s main events calendar and do other promotion like flyers and press releases. However, if we are not the primary sponsor of an event, all efforts beyond the “standard event promotion” outlined above remain with the event organizer.

Q: My event or announcement doesn't qualify for promotion, but your students might still want to know about it.

A: We will do our best to forward along emails about local events or national/international competitions and calls for entry to our student email lists. In most cases, we do not forward information about external events to our uva-cw-local list because that’s not what the people on that list signed up for. Our lists contain many, many emails, so we don't like to forward along large attachments (>400K). Please scale down your images and posters for screen resolution (72dpi) instead of print resolution. We typically forward announcements to our undergrad list late on Friday afternoons. We typically forward announcements to our MFAs on Mondays.

Q: How do I let you know?

Please contact us using the form here or by emailing creativewriting [at sign]

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